Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frame Builder Profile: Daltex Handmade Bicycles

Glenn Thompson of Daltex is the founder of the Texas Custom Bicycle Show and our latest builder profile.

Custom Bicycle Company Name:
Daltex Handmade Bicycles

Year business founded:


Material you work with:

Steel from Columbus, True Temper, Reynolds

Road, Fixed, Mountain


(972) 743-4811

About Daltex:
Daltex Handmade Bicycles exists to provide a great fitting, great handling bicycle designed specifically for the person that will be riding it. Daltex bicycles are built entirely by hand in my Dallas workshop.

The fitting process includes extensive body and flexibility measurements. The bicycle is then designed around these measurements. The fit is designed into the bicycle, not sold as an optional service after the fact. Much effort is spent determining the intended use of the bicycle and the customer’s riding style – I won’t build a racing bicycle for a customer that does weekly club rides and an occasionally century.

About Glenn Thompson:
All of my work is silver brazed and lugged. I am one of the few builders that produce lugged mountain bikes. I first met legendary Texas Framebuilder, David Cheakas, back in ’93. Over the years David has been very generous to share his knowledge of framebuilding with me.

I hold firmly to the belief that there is no more beautiful or fascinating object in this world than a handmade bicycle. I believe that if you design a frame around a person’s unique proportions and riding style the resulting frame will put the rider in the most efficient and comfortable position possible. These beliefs guide me on every frame I build.