Friday, September 18, 2009

Frame Builder Profile: Dominion Bicycle Company

Custom Bicycle Company Name:
Dominion Bicycle Company

Year business founded:


Material you work with:
Steel and Carbon Fiber

Road, Cyclocross and Mountain


Telephone number:
(512) 850-9266

About the business:

Dominion Bicycle Company is a full service bicycle manufacturer in Austin, Texas.   Our mission is to provide our customers with durable, high performance frames and bicycles.  Whether it’s a road or mountain bike, racing or commuting, we can build the perfect bicycle for you. Our workshop is a fully-equipped design and fabrication shop. In addition to building high quality steel bicycles, Dominion designed and constructed all of the tube blocks, v-blocks, tool fixtures, jigs, and other frame building tools, with the exception of a Henry James frame jig.  We use a variety of joining methods to construct our frames, including TIG welding, lug brazing, fillet brazing and epoxy bonding (carbon fiber rear end kits).  Having several joining options gives us more flexibility in frame construction and allows us to use the best joining solution based on the goals for a given frame. Each joining method has its own unique aesthetic and mechanical advantages/disadvantages; and, a properly sized and constructed steel frame (regardless of joining method) will last a lifetime when used and maintained properly.

About the builder:

As lifelong cyclist and an artisan at heart, Scott uses his mechanical engineering background and his love of fine craftsmanship to create exceptional bicycles.  Metal and wood working is a family tradition in the Ross family.  He was taught many of his skills, including the usage lathes, drill presses, and the oxy-acetylene torch, while growing up in the Austin, Texas area.  These inherited skills were then fortified by his engineering studies at the University of Texas, as well as TIG welding and machine shop classes. Scott began experimenting with welding bicycle frames in 2002 and has been an amateur frame builder for 7 years, honing his skills and perfecting the build process with other local frame builders.  In 2008, he launched Dominion Bicycles.