Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frame Builder Profile: Gallus Cycles

As a lead up to the Texas Custom Bicycle Show on Oct 23-25, we will be posting short profile articles a few times a week on each of the builders showcased in the show. We will begin with Gallus Cycles from Ft. Worth.

Custom Bicycle Company Name:
Gallus Cycles

Year business founded:

Established January 2009, been building since 2006

Material you work with:
Steel lugged and fillet brazed


Track, Road, City


817 757 2944

About the business:

Gallus Cycles builds handmade, custom sized and spec'd, quality bicycle frames. Frames are built one at a time to the individual customer's size, desired riding characteristics and aesthetics. All frames are made of steel, and can either be lugged or fillet brazed. Every bike is built to the highest standards in respect of the craft and the cyclist. Gallus Cycles is also very committed to the environment. We believe that in addition to the personal benefits of a custom bicycle, there is a larger environmental gain in buying a locally made product.

About the builder:

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, I spent 5 years in Glasgow, Scotland attending architecture school. While living there my passion for cycling, especially urban riding, grew while working as a bicycle messenger. I returned to the States in 2006 decided to combine my design background with my love for cycling. I first attended the Yamaguchi Frame Building School, and then studied and briefly worked with Doug Fattic. I also spent 2 months working for the Ukraine Bicycle Project in 2008.