Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frame Builder Profile: KirkLee

When hand built bicycles are mentioned, steel or titanium are usually the materials that come to mind for most people. There are builders who work in other materials to craft a bike tailored to you. Today's profile is of Austin's KirkLee and it's builder Brad Cason who works in carbon.

Custom Bicycle Company Name:

KirkLee Bicycles

Year business founded:
January 2008

Material you work with:

Road and Mountain

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(512) 371-9661

About KirkLee and Brad Cason:
KirkLee Bicycles unofficially started in Southern California, 2001. It was there, on the morning coffee crew rides, where individuals would roll up on bike exotica. I would think to myself, “I could build that.”

I left California to pursue a Masters Degree in Business. When I was not immersed in my textbooks, I was molding my own bikes in my roommate’s kitchen oven. Thanks Rob; I am sure to this day he is still finding resin in his kitchen. While my classmates were dreaming of the stock market and investment banking, I was dreaming my own bike company.

After completion of my Masters, I took a job in Las Vegas, NV. I continued my bike building after my move. It was in the town of Blue Diamond that I would talk composites with riders of similar interests. It was on these long mountain biker rides that techniques were perfected, resins were discussed, and bike designs developed. Doors were opened and most importantly friendships were made.

Since then, I have left the corporate world and moved back home to Austin, TX. I started a bicycle company under the condition that I would do things my own way and put some handmade soul into each bike that I produce.

KirkLee is committed to building you the finest bike possible… by hand.