Friday, October 2, 2009

Frame Builder Profile: Massengill Frames

Custom Bicycle Company Name:
Massengill Frames

Year business founded:


Material you work with:
Steel & Carbon

Road, Travel, City/Transportation


Telephone number:

(214) 315-6465

About Massengill Frames:

A Massengill frame, made one at a time, is constructed of the best materials available for the specific intended use of the bicycle and to an exacting standard.

Most frames are made out of steel, and can be lugged or fillet brazed. A variety of tubing suppliers and lugs suppliers be used. Lugged frames are silver brazed unless otherwise specified. Carbon frames are available as well, with similar lead times.

Repairs work is also done on steel and carbon frames. There are many paint options available and the painters used do outstanding work.

In the end, if I don’t like it, you don’t ride it.

About Tim Massengill:
Ever since I became involved in cycling world in the early 80’s, bicycling has been a passion of mine. I became involved in cycling as a kid who wanted to backpack, but couldn’t find an adult to go along. My friends and I found some adults to go as long as we could carry our stuff on bikes. So, we loaded our bikes and did a tour of Indiana, from state park to state park.

I have since been involved in many facets of bicycling, but became specifically involved in frame building in the late 1980’s. This happened when my bicycle was stolen at college. I had done about everything else mechanically and the idea of buying a frame and putting parts on it and calling that building a bike didn’t quite seem to excite me.

It was around that time, I met Doug Fattic, who had apprenticed in England in the 70’s. To make a long story short, I was able to learn how to build frames from him, and have been doing so ever since.

I went on to complete my degree in physical therapy. As a result, I have a unique background and body of knowledge about human function and ergonomics. I have a keen interest in bicycle fit, and have applied this knowledge and background to my chosen field. It is extremely useful when assessing a customer for the fit and function of their bicycle frame.