Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frame Builder Profile: Southwest Frameworks

Custom Bicycle Company Name:
Southwest Frameworks

Year Business Founded:

Material Southwest Frameworks works with:

Custom road, rando, track, cyclocross, 29'r, custom racks, and custom painting.


Telephone number:

(214) 358-2579

About Southwest Frameworks:

Southwest Frameworks has been custom building and painting bicycles frames since 1984. Originally established as Cheakas Custom Cycles, a one-man custom bicycle frame shop, in 1994 we evolved into Southwest Frameworks. Our services and products now include custom framesets, frame repairs, complete bicycles, frame refinishing, and frame restoration.

Southwest Frameworks is dedicated to continuing the art of the custom. hand crafted bicycle frame. Although modern technology is employed in the manufacture and modification of the materials essential for the crafting of the bicycle frame, it falls upon the framebuilder to weave these materials into a finished product. The help continue this rich tradition, but only custom, hand crafted bicycle frames.