Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frame Builder Profile: True Fabrication

The Texas Custom Bicycle Show is just one day away, and we finish off our frame builder profile series with True Fabrication of Austin, TX.

Custom Bicycle Company Name:
True Fabrication

Year Business Founded:

Material True Fabrication works with:


We are a full custom builder and have made all kinds of bikes. However, we've done more 29er hardtails than anything else.


Telephone number:

(512) 709-5936

About True Fabrication:
True Fabrication, LLC is an Austin based trio who have joined forces in order to make bicycles the old fashioned way: one-at-a-time, built with passion and an acute attention to detail. Not only are we frame builders, we are riders and that makes a difference!

The idea for True Fabrication was born during a 2005-summer mountain biking trip to Colorado and ultimately lead to our participation in the 2008, 2009 NAHBS and last years first annual Texas Custom Builders Show. We are a complete frame building shop that has worked hard to hone our fabrication skills and perfect our welding. Any of the three of us are capable of taking a bicycle from inception to completion. We can all design, weld and fabricate. However, over time we have definitely developed our natural abilities and talents and this is what makes us a great partnership. We don’t take short cuts for the sake of quick turnaround; rather we are willing to do what is necessary to make something that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. This means that we don’t follow trends or fads just to sell bikes. True Fabrication, custom bicycles from deep in the heart of Austin.