Monday, September 6, 2010

5 Reasons to Buy a Custom Built Bicycle…

1. Simply put, custom bicycles represent a fine handcrafted product, not a mass produced bike from a warehouse in China. These custom frame builders toil over your custom hand-made bicycle for days, whereas machines stamp out hundreds of cookie cutter bikes from factories a day.

2. Fit. Period. Nothing is more important to the performance and enjoyment of a quality bicycle than fit. Much like a custom made suit, custom bicycle frames are designed and built around your unique body proportions. The materials and frame geometry are ‘reverse engineered’ around you. This produces a unique bicycle that puts you in the most comfortable position possible.

3. Beyond fit, a custom bicycle is built with your riding style in mind. Whether you leisurely ride or race, if you stand or sit when you climb, your riding posture – all these characteristics that define your riding style are considered in the building process of a custom built bicycle. The result? A bike that knows you and works with you so you can ride with total control and ease.

4. Style. With a custom built bicycle you have a certain amount of say in the whole design of the bicycle. Do you have a favorite color? Want a specific logo on your bicycle seat? When it’s custom – you decide.

5. Finally, choosing a custom built bicycle is making a choice to have a talented, devoted artist design and build your dream bicycle. You are making the choice to build not only a bicycle, but a relationship. You are choosing to engage in a community that places a high value on quality and truly is passionate about their handiwork.