Monday, September 21, 2015


Ellum Bag Works
Dallas, TX

Apparel and Accessories

As the name suggests, Ellum Bag Works makes cycling accessories and apparel in Deep Ellum, the funky and cool part of town just east of downtown Dallas that many of us ventured to when we were teenagers hoping to see our favorite band or simply watch the weird and interesting walking about.  Deep Ellum has grown up a bit and is one of the most Bike Friendly neighborhoods in Dallas. 

Jewel start her business based on that bike friendly nature, first making items for her friends then growing into a quality producer of fine cycling caps and cycling gear.  Caps are her main sellers along with phone pouches and tool bags.  Commuter bags are coming soon!

Here are her words about Ellum Bag Works:
Ellum Bag Works is one woman’s dream to make kickass cycling caps, and gear.
I’m Jewel, and I make what you see here. This all started because I needed a cycling cap, so I decided to make my own. Soon after I started making caps for my friends, and other fellow cyclists. So I created Ellum Bag Works to sell my sweet caps!
My creations are lovingly crafted, agonizingly perfected, and seriously road worn to make sure you’ll love them as much as me.
All of our caps and gear are made with my own two hands right here in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas.
~Ellum Bag Works, est. 2014
by cyclists, for cyclists