Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Trail LED

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Whether you're a daily commuter needing safety lighting for that early morning or late night commute, or you're the adventurous mountain biker or bikepacker, Trail LED provides the best and brightest lighting you can buy for your money.

Starting in his home, Grady sought to engineer better lighting than what was on the current market for his mountain biking hobby.  Little did he know he'd end up creating Trail LED and provide some really awesome  products for his local community.  Take for instance, the Halo!  Quite possibly the brightest, baddest light every made.

The Halo is quite simply the most revolutionary bike light on the market in both design and output.  The Halo houses ten of the highest performing CREE LEDs available and emits a wicked 6000 lumens.   (In fact, it is so bright that you should probably have to sign a waiver .)  We deliver those 6000 lumens in a solid, anodized aluminum light-body weighing less than 200 grams.  We have maintained tight control over both output and color temperature to give you maximum output with the best color rendition available in the industry.

The unique, low-profile, arched design and multiple lenses of the Halo produce what we like to call MPSD (multi-point shadow definition), rendering unparalleled depth perception.   The unique integrated mounting system also allows unmatched flexibility and convenience in mounting.  And if all of that isn't enough, our battery packs boast a 1:1 charge ratio, meaning you only need two battery packs to run continuously.

With all Trail Led lights, no compromises have been made in materials, design or construction.  Trail Led lights are all handmade in the USA, by bikers for bikers.

Bottom line--you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. 

All Halo Race lights come with 2 batteries, charger and mounting rings.
Check out this split screen video showing the Halo in action in the dark along side a normal day time ride: