Monday, October 5, 2015


Bike DFW

Local Bicycle Advocate

This non-profit advocating for bicycling and bicyclists in North Texas has been 100% created and led by volunteers since 2005.  Their mission is to educate and advocate for changes in attitude and public policy that will improve and promote the safety, convenience, and acceptance of bicycling in North Central Texas.

Bicycle education is to put in mildly, lacking in both the minds of motorists and bicyclists throughout our region, but BikeDFW puts their time where their mouths are by training bicyclists and teaching them the proper techniques, laws, and behavior for riding a bicycle on Texas streets.

Anyone can take a weekend course or become an LCI or League Certified Instructor.  LCIs offer courses to suit the needs of any cyclist. Certified, insured and equipped to teach anything from basic skills to college level courses, LCIs are the experts in bicycle education and safety. LCI's can also offer modified versions of these courses and design bike rodeos and provide general safety consulting.

Check out their smoothie machine during our 2 day expo and learn more about helping and supporting BikeDFW's mission!