Wednesday, October 28, 2015

EXHIBITOR PROFILE: The Body Shop Chiropractic

The Body Shop Chiropractic 


Our main objective is to find out why your body is not healing, get it to do so and ultimately have you regain your life. 


At our clinic improving your health is always our primary concern.  We approach each patient as an individual and recognize although many patients exhibit similar complaints, the origin for these symptoms often vary significantly from person to person.  Evaluation and treatment are focused on identifying and correcting the underlying cause of your problem.  At this clinic, thoroughness is our top priorty!  We believe in evaluating you as a whole person and do not limit our examination to the area of pain and discomfort.  Often, the symptoms you experience in one region of your body are a result of your body compensating for improper function in another area.  This approach allows for greater insight and a more complete understanding as to the full nature of your condition.  We find that most times musculo-skeletal dysfunction are from old and even minor injuries that were not properly addressed to begin with.


We are dedicated to treatment of the musculo-skeletal system. Each day our physcians treat a variety of common health complaints, including but not limited to: headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, disc herniation, shoulder pain, pain/numbness down the arms, pain between the shoulder blades, whiplash injuries, buttock/hip pain, pain/numbness down the legs, muscle spasms, spain/strains, tendonitis, chronic pain, TMJ, fibromyalgia, chronic illness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Our physicians and staff believe that educating our patients is just as important as improving their health. Helping you understand your health condition, how it progressed to its current state, and how appropriate treatment will help correct it. To do this, we may use tools, such as video, anatomical models, computer imaging, and instructional classes designed to help you "see" your current health condition.