Thursday, October 29, 2015


Schott Cycles

Bicycle Frame Builder 

The Road to Making Bikes

Schott Cycles is the synthesis of my two passions - building and bikes. For 15 years, I've been a maker; a designer & builder of custom furniture, architectural elements and art. Metalwork, welding, steel grit on my hands - it's all second nature to me.

I'm also a cyclist, with a love of riding and racing and anything to do with bikes.

When I decided to bring these two worlds together, I went to Portland and studied frame building at UBI. Today, I'm building custom steel bikes in my small shop in Houston, Texas.

I love to learn about each customer so I can tailor a one-of-a-kind machine, perfect for you. No bike is the same, since no rider is the same. It's all about learning how you're going to ride, where you're going to ride, and how often. What kind of ride makes you grin ear-to-ear? That's what we can build.

The Process

A custom frame designed exactly for you is no ordinary thing. The way it feels, and responds, is perfect for you. We work together to produce this machine.

It starts with a lot of conversation about how you ride. Are you adding a new bike to your stable to meet a specific need? Is this your first bike? Do you ride on the road? Do you race? Or will this bike need to go off-road, taking you on gravel or mountain adventures? How do you like the bike to respond to your commands? Do you prefer the artistic look of a lugged frame, or the seamless, classy look of a fillet-brazed bike?

Then we need to measure, of course. You can do that in my shop or get professionally fit. I work closely with local Houston bike fitter, Tad Hughes. If you choose to work with Tad, we build your bike fit into the frame price. I'll join you at the end of your fit to discuss the details or particulars of your geometry.

Then it's time to draw. Once ready, the specifications of your bike are printed, full-size and used in the shop to complete your bike. Tubes are measured, cut and precision-mitered. Then we braze - joining the tubes with or without lugs. Alignment is checked, everything is cleaned and finished.

Then we paint, polish, perfect. From this point, I can add your components, or deliver a frame that you build up. We take a deposit to put you on the wait list. The process takes about six weeks from when the build is started.

And then you get to ride it. It's my pleasure to see customers enjoying the perfect bike.